Sharing Our 2020 Guiding Words

Each year, we at Change Matrix (CM) share our word for the year that represents an intention, focus, or approach. Want to join our tradition?  We recommend this article, which provides some guidance on setting a “one-word theme that allows you to compare all your thoughts, actions, and decisions against a single, universal standard.”

Here are our words for the year:

Elizabeth – Grace: This is my first daughter’s name so it already has special meaning for me.  I have a feeling that this is going to be a turbulent year. I anticipate being in places where I need to give grace and also to receive grace.

London – Be: This word holds so much – being present, being active, being a good listener.  I’m hoping to do all of these things in my work and in my personal life in the next year, and to just Be.

Annie – Balance: I am trying to achieve the work-life balance with two little ones now, and am still trying to make sure all my ducks are in a row before being too much into work.

Alice – Okay: If something goes wrong, it’s still going to be okay.  Just need to reassure myself that everything will be okay. Okay is such a simple word that can bring reassurance.

Alina – Meraki: Meraki, a word with Green origins, is the soul, creativity, or love put into something you do.  I hope to bring this word into everything I do this year, in my work and my life outside.

Shannon – Good Health and Happiness: In ceremonies, one of the things the Ojibwe people say when setting intent with relationships is to pray for good health and happiness. I really like this intention and want to go deeper with this. My words for the year are thus, Good Health and Happiness.

Kristin – Trust: I want to trust myself more, trust my own intuition, and trust those around me who love me and know me.

Kazzy – (RE)claiming: This word came to me during a full-moon ceremony and feels applicable in every aspect of my life. Reflecting on what colonization has taken from people, I am intentionally  finding ways to RE-claim what belongs to me, which includes my body, culture, and ancestral magic amongst many other things.

Karla – Perseverance: You’re going to be okay, you’re going to make it through anything.

Jennifer – Open: I want to keep myself open to ideas and experiences in all aspects of my life.

Suganya – Courage: Each of the words above contribute to what it will mean for me to show up with courage in the next year.  All of these things are really important, and I’m going to hold them with me as I progress through 2020.

Sandra – Create Space:  I chose a phrase that I hear often in yoga class, in the sense of creating space for breath or expansion in a pose. This year I’m focused on creating space for some of the goals I’m trying to achieve.

Rachele – Present: My intent is to be present in my relationships and in the activities I choose to do. I also see this as being a present to myself and others when we share space.

Tennille – Acceptance: My word for this year is acceptance to avoid stressing over things that I cannot control or change.  I would like to accept those things to lead a less stressful life.

Do you have a word to guide you this year?

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