Integration of Cultural and Linguistic Competence into Mental Health Service Delivery

We recognize that the rapidly growing diversity of our nation and state requires that every service sector of our society operate differently to acknowledge the implications of cultural differences. As a minority-owned firm, our founding partners and many of our team members have devoted their professional careers to addressing the needs of traditionally underserved and diverse populations.

We recognize that the efforts to integrate cultural and linguistic competence (CLC) has been seen as technical work and the adaptive work of addressing the needs for shifts in values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors has been much more challenging.

In the last 20 years, many definitions and frameworks have been created for integrating CLC and a variety of toolkits, guides, and workbooks have been developed for organizations and providers in all human services arenas.

Our Philosophy

We see the integration of cultural and linguistic competence as adaptive work – it requires us to first assess our own values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors around diversity and cultural groups with their innate similarities and differences. It also requires us to assess our capacity and desire for change to address cultural and linguistic competence personally and professionally.

Our Approach

We view the process of becoming culturally and linguistically competent as a personal and professional journey that unfolds over time and with a clear sense of direction.

We see ourselves as capacity builders who engage in exploration and inquiry with leaders and agencies to set goals, define outcomes, motivate and manage change, and track results. Our experience has shown that every group has assets and lived experiences that should be harnessed and honored. We know that real transformation happens when groups and communities drive their own change efforts.

In partnership with our clients, we help groups and organizations:

  • explore WHY integrating CLC is crucial;
  • create common ground language and common ground around the concepts of cultural and language diversity;
  • identify a guiding team or coalition to champion the work;
  • develop a shared vision, values, and outcomes to drive the change;
  • create opportunities and processes to deepen knowledge; and
  • infuse and sustain the CLC integration.

We are passionate about this work and would love to partner with you. Contact us for a free consultation.


Change Matrix developed this resource package, in collaboration with the Center for Applied Research Solutions (CARS), for the Pacific Southwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center. It is designed to support Pacific Southwest mental health organizations as they work to provide culturally and linguistically competent mental health services for their diverse populations. It is easy to use and addresses the needs and realities of the Pacific Southwest region. This resource package is organized into six goal areas:

  • Governance and Leadership
  • Workforce Development
  • Community Engagement and Partnership
  • Adaptation of Services and Supports
  • Communication and Language Supports
  • Continuous Quality and Accountability

View the Package of Resources (pdf)