How We Care for Our Inner Child

In honor of Children’s Mental Health Month (June), our team shared something that each of us enjoyed doing when we were little and/or how we keep our inner child alive and happy.  Recognizing all people, including our children are going through uncertain and confusing times, we hope these might give you some ideas for healing your inner child or supporting your little ones, this month and every month.

London: Since the age of two, I have been completely enchanted by dance. I’ve taken dance lessons for most of my life, and feel so free when dancing. I’m sharing this love with my children now. We regularly have dance parties in our living room.

Kristin: Music! I’ve always sang, played the piano, and I just picked up the ukulele. It’s my favorite creative outlet, especially because I don’t pressure myself to be a professional or anything, it’s just purely for the sake of joy!

Karla: I had a collection of almost 100 Barbies as a young girl! Every Barbie had her own personality, style, group of friends and loved ones. As an adult, I find myself playing The Sims 4 and creatively think about storyline plots and possibilities!

Jennifer: As a child, I liked to jump on the bed and go rolling down a grassy hill. I still call on my inner child, and  jump up and down on my bed and go rolling down a grassy hill.

Sandra: I really loved roller skating when I was young and spent a lot of time at skating rinks, until I fell one day and broke my wrist. I haven’t been on skates since. 🙁

Kazzy: I LOVE to dance! When I am dancing I am reminded of the playfulness of my inner child and am able to let go of the stresses of everyday life. I also heal my inner child by crying – it feels SO good!

Rachele: I always had my head in a book when I was growing up, getting lost in different worlds of time, geography, and culture. I still love settling onto the couch or in bed with a good book, and I’ll admit that I’ve been enjoying young adult fiction lately.

Suganya: From the time I can remember, I loved to read. I would get an allowance every month and would go over to the bookstore with my father to purchase the latest storybooks and would imagine myself in different roles.

Elizabeth:  Board games!  I loved to play board games with my father who insisted that they had to be skill and strategy based.  He never let me win, so when I did win, it really meant something. I love a good board game now, and while I sometimes lose, it is not because I let someone win.

Alice: Since I could remember, I loved stickers. I would stick them everywhere, which my parents did not appreciate at all. Today, I still love stickers and will buy them if they are super cute, however, now I only stick them to my planner.

Alina: I used to do jigsaw puzzles on early mornings and stormy days near Lake Michigan growing up. I always loved the slight mental challenge and oddly satisfying click of a successfully-placed piece.  Now, on the not-so-rare occasion that I’m stuck in my apartment, I’ll work on a puzzle to take time away from screens and my mind off of what’s going on in my surroundings.

Annie: Alongside my siblings, we grew up playing in our neighborhood. We loved being outside, whether it meant riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline or collecting rocks.

Kaitlin: I enjoyed reading, history, and dolls, so I obsessed over American Girl dolls as a kid. I think I read every book and loved imagining that I lived in their time. My Grandma even made me an outfit to match my doll! I still love history and learning about different times and places and I think American Girl contributed to that.

How are you caring for your inner child?

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