Minimizing Holiday/Seasonal Stress and Burnout

Our CM team offers our practices and strategies below to minimize holiday/seasonal stress and burnout:

Kristin – I love to crochet holiday gifts, which is a super meditative practice for me. Also, I really value my time off and holidays honestly don’t tend to be too stressful for me! Just enjoy the down time and good food and coziness with loved ones.

Kazzy – This holiday season has been more stressful than usual for me! In order to minimize this stress, I have been grounding myself with meditation and personal tarot readings. In addition, I have conducted several at home DIY projects to better organize all the clutter! Living and working in an organized space really helps ground me and enjoy my space even more. To top it off, some family members are making their way to me this holiday season! Getting rid of travel and making time for sleep makes for a rejuvenating end to the decade.

London – I enjoy being outside with my family in the winter. Spending time with our children outside reminds me of the importance of experiencing nature to get any nervous/negative energy out of our systems and create a balance between work and play. I also love being alone outside in the snow, when it’s so quiet that all you hear is the crunch of the snow under your boots and the sound of your own breath. It’s so peaceful and grounding.

Alina – While this a busy time of year, it’s also a time to come together with coworkers, family, and friends (over food!) to celebrate another collective trip around the sun. Fewer daylight hours often get to me, but after not having seasons for four years, I really do enjoy all the beauty and activities that winter brings. Being outside, especially by myself, puts me at peace and enables me to escape from anxiety that plays tug-of-war with my heart on a daily basis.

Sandra – I love walking in cold weather, so I try to take a morning walk every day and when possible, hiking in the Colorado mountains is a really peaceful experience. I also like to fully unplug from work for at least a week. That means no work, and no checking email or our other communication platforms. And I spend this time instead stimulating my creativity through photography, traveling, art and music; and supporting mindfulness through yoga and meditation.

Alice – I love on a cold snowy day cuddling in my warm cozy bed with a book in hand. I could spend all day reading in bed if I am allowed to. Sometimes it is nice to have your own space and alone time. It clears your mind and can be very soothing to your soul.

Annie – I focus on being present when spending time with friends and family, which is fulfilling and rejuvenating. I also start early on holiday shopping which allows me to get more personal and thoughtful gifts.

Jennifer – In order not to feel overwhelmed with the holidays, I choose a few holiday activities and traditions to do that season and give myself a break on the rest. I also make sure to unplug and give myself some quiet time.

Tennille – This year to reduce the stress my family and I are breaking away from tradition. We are traveling for the holidays.

Karla – I enjoy baking cupcakes and decorating them with holiday colors and swirls. Infusing creativity into the design is relieving, while focusing on the design is a much needed distraction. It helps quiet the mind, and is very therapeutic.

Shannon – I remember sharing time is the most important regardless of the activity. I love intimacy of winter gatherings with friends and family. Gratitude and generosity are abundant during the season. We have to create internal light to dispel the external darkness! I don’t find the holiday season to be stressful as the activities I participate feed my spirit, like the winter solstice and calling back the light, bonfires and hot chocolate, music making, food sharing and storytelling…bring it on!

Elizabeth – Now that two of my girls are living in other cities, holidays become the time that I know we will all be together. My stress level decreases as we laugh, cook, dance and take walks with the dog. I can’t wait to get in our jammies, pop popcorn and watch movies snuggled up in the family room. I love this young adult stage!

Rachele – The holidays are a time for me to slow down, reflect to look forward, and nourish my soul; enjoy family, togetherness, love, and laughter; and share with those in need. It is also a time to say special prayers for those who are no longer with us physically, but who are always with us in our hearts and minds.

Suganya – I enjoy a hot tub and a massage – aaah! We have a Korean bathhouse in town, and one Christmas my husband and I spent 5 hours, alternating between the hot and cold tubs, massage table, steam room, and resting rooms where the floors are covered with different types of marbled clay that supposedly absorbs the bad vibes. When I am stressed, a short trip to the bathhouse is a great gift.

What do you do to minimize seasonal/holiday stress?

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