Leading Intentionally: A CM Retreat for Equity and Change

What are we doing and why should you join us:

Leading:  If you believe that the status quo is not good enough, if you believe that we live in a changing world and are called upon to participate in and engage others in making things better, then you are a leader.

Intentionally:  When we know ourselves, get curious about other people and take the time to think through how we show up in a collective effort to improve our communities and systems, we find opportunities to choose who we want to be and what we want to do with intent.

Retreat: We are not moving away from anything, rather we are slowing down, caring for ourselves and, in a nurturing environment, exploring who we are as leaders in diverse groups, what our work should be, and how we will take it on intentionally.

Equity: We aspire to live in a world where every individual has access, agency and opportunity to live the life they choose to. We know we have work to do in our systems, structures and society to get there and the path might be arduous.  

Change: There is comfort in the known.  If we believe that the status quo is not working for everyone, then we must be prepared to lead in the face of discomfort and hold a space for others to be uncomfortable with us in service of equity.

Over 3 days, participants will 1) reflect on who they are as cultural beings and leaders; 2) learn about leadership, historically and culturally, in order to be intentional about their practice; 3) become more intentional leaders in multi-cultural settings; and 4) experience and build skills as leaders in the midst of discomfort and change.  

The retreat will be held in beautiful Boulder, Colorado from October 9-11, 2018. Early bird registration is $750.00 + tax and fees. Starting August 1st, full registration is $850 + tax and fees. The registration fee includes all materials, breakfast, and lunch for the three days of the event.

Final day for registration is 09/14/2018.

CM Change Specialists have been working in the field of leadership for decades – from our earlier years at Georgetown University to our current work as capacity builders with leaders from different systems.

At Change Matrix, we see a need for new voices to emerge – ones that go beyond traditional leadership frameworks and approaches. We are offering our own take on adaptive leadership from a multi-cultural lens through a series of retreats. Our first retreat is focused on an area that is near and dear to us: Equity.

Join our retreat ─ Leading Intentionally: A Change Matrix Retreat for Equity and Change– to continue (or begin) your journey of reflection, observation, courage, and growth. Explore how do you show up as a leader when addressing issues of equity and disparities to promote change. Care for yourself. Take a risk.

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For logistics questions, please contact Jennifer Ratliff at 702-498-0056 or jratliff@changematrix.org

For training questions, please contact Suganya Sockalingam at 702-219-7379 or ssockalingam@changematrix.org