How We Celebrate Our Hearts During Heart Month

CM Heart Health - 2019

In honor of Heart Health Month, we shared what we each do to take care of our hearts.

London: I try to eat well and remain active. I also give and get lots of hugs!

Naomi: I wear a heart monitor to exercise at my target heart rate… know my healthy weight/fat % for a woman my age, height, and activity level… And focus on love and gratitude!

Rachele: Taking care of my heart involves eating healthy (although I do have a weakness for chips), walking my dog Rusti, practicing pilates and bar method, and reducing stress by getting massages!

Sandra: I love to be active by walking on most days and doing yoga and spin, when I can fit it in. I also prioritize heart-healthy foods in my diet.

Sarah: I always try to be conscious of the types of foods I am eating, keep up a short yoga routine, and am always playing with and loving up on my two very active and cuddly cats.

Shannon: Taking care of my heart involves spending time with my grandchildren and family and friends. I have a chronic condition that limits my cardio exertion so small low-intensity workouts and anything in the water works best.

Suganya: I work with a trainer to maintain muscle and bone integrity, am trying intermittent fasting (an old and traditional cultural practice in the east), and like Rachele get massages as often as I can.

Tennille: I am currently working with a trainer and therapist. I drink plenty of water and have cardio testing done regularly because heart disease runs in my family.

Alina: Somewhat unintentionally, I eat a pretty heart-healthy diet (no mammals for me!).  I also exercise daily and look forward to escaping to the woods and mountains on the weekend, which calms anxiety and my heart.

Elizabeth: I gave up sugar about 4 years ago, exercise daily including yoga, cardio and strength training and try to preserve space for activities that decrease stress like playing the piano.

Jennifer: I keep in touch with my friends and family. I also make an effort to drink lots of water and have a pilates and yoga routine.