How We Balance Work and Life for Wellness Awareness Month

Change Matrix was founded on an interest in balancing our professional careers and the value of family. We recognize the importance of taking care of our personal selves so that we can bring our best selves into our work. In honor of September’s Wellness Awareness Month, here is a glimpse into what our CM team members do to practice wellness.

Rachele – I incorporate pilates into my weekly workout schedule to help strengthen my core and practice intentional breathing. I also love taking our dog, Rusti, out for his daily walks or throwing the ball with him just to be outdoors. Oh, and I love my massages!

Suganya – I do weight training twice a week with a personal trainer, and hope to integrate more aerobic workouts over the next few months.  My guilty pleasure is long massages and I indulge in them whenever I can.

Elizabeth – I have a solid strength/cardio/stretch routine with my yoga, HIIT class and dog walking.  However, the less formal priority for me is to have some time where I am quiet. Either meditation in the morning or walking without looking at my phone or listening to music or anything other than the outside and silence.

London – I take about 20 minutes for myself each morning, between getting the kids off to school and starting my work day, to eat a balanced breakfast, sip some tea and listen to some music. I also enjoy taking walks around town or hiking with my family.

Jennifer – I schedule time to unplug and I enjoy doing pilates in evening.

Annie – Chasing around a one-year-old is currently my main physical activity. My daughter brings me such joy that I would say she is also what keeps me grounded mentally and emotionally. I also make it a habit to regularly reflect on my life and show gratitude for all that is good.

Alice – I like to make sure I always have healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables in my refrigerator. I have learned to enjoy cooking as it is healthier and it keeps my wallet a little fatter. However, I do like to go out and enjoy delicious food every now and then. 

Shannon – I walk down to the lake,  out on the dock and the great expanse of Lake Superior. I create intentions around the four parts of my being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Physical: I walk and do “grow young fitness” exercise and drink water. Mental: I read or learn something new each day. Emotional: connect with family and friends. Spiritual: Participate in a traditional ceremonies.

Sandra – I like to start my day with a walk in the park. When I need to feel grounded, I do yoga and meditate. When I am feeling particularly stressed, nothing is better than spin class. And when I need a longer wellness break, I head to the mountains and breathe in the fresh air. 

Kristin – Taking frequent walks! Without headphones, just a chance to breathe and look at the beauty around me. 

Tennille – I swim as often as possible now. I love the water. I can sit and stare at a body of water and feel completely at peace. Besides swimming, my husband and I try to take nightly walks. It’s our time to unwind from our day, have some quality time and get in some exercise.

Karla – I practice mindfulness throughout the day, especially when I am feeling low. I focus on my breathing and think about how thankful I am to have what I have. Feeling the essence of gratitude in my spirit makes me feel better and provides much needed perspective. This is something I try to do multiple times a day. 

Kazzy – As of late, I have been taking spiritual baths that have helped clear a lot of negative energy around and within me. This has been the perfect end to my days, relaxing and making me take time to focus on me. I try, once a day, to practice grateful journaling, where I can include a little bit of art that also helps my soul. 

Alina – Hiking!  I’m always hiking, it’s a good chance to practice shinrin-yoku, experience incredible natural spaces, and explore new places physically and mentally.  I also try to fill my body with nutrient rich foods, pet dogs as often as I can, and surround myself with genuinely good people.