Focus on Public Health

It has been over 2 years since Georgetown University published the monograph, A Public Health Approach to Children’s Mental Health: A Conceptual Framework. The intervention model, offered in the Monograph, is intended to help those applying a public health approach organize the variety of interventions that exist in a community. Interventions are placed into promoting, preventing, treating, and reclaiming categories based on the intent and measured outcomes of the intervention. The model can help communities see what they are doing and where there may be gaps in interventions. Download a copy of the Monograph (PDF).

As we continue at Change Matrix to do work to build systems, address health disparities, support collaboration and leadership development, the framework contained in the monograph continues to be relevant in our work. Creating comprehensive systems of services and supports so that all children and families can achieve optimal health and address problems early and effectively benefits all of our communities and our nation. We are working to collect stories of individuals and groups implementing a public health approach so that we can broaden our understanding of the many applications of the framework. Please share your stories with us on our Change Matrix Facebook page.