Annie E Casey Foundation Expanding the Bench Initiative

Change Matrix serves as the evaluation team for the Annie E Casey Foundation (AECF) program supporting the professional development of minority evaluators in their work to do evaluation through an equity lens. Suganya attended their Gathering of LEEADers in Baltimore last month. There were two excellent panel presentation during the morning – the first was entitled “Why you? Why LEEAD? The presenters spoke of race equity and inclusion and the value add of URM evaluators, the state of the field of evaluation, the difference between researcher and being an evaluator, and cultural responsiveness. The second panel of presenters spoke to the values in evaluation – the importance of making the implicit, explicit. In the afternoon both mentors and mentees discussed the business and politics of evaluation and establishing yourself as a leader and expert in the world of evaluation. One of the highlights of the meeting was the opportunity for emerging evaluators/mentees to connect and spend time with their mentors.

August 27, 2015

Change Matrix has been selected to be included in the Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF) database of research and evaluation professionals. As part of their Expanding the Bench (ETB) initiative, this database will be used by the Research, Evaluation and Learning (REAL) unit at AECF for profiling and recommending contractors for evaluation-related services with the foundation’s centers and affiliated programs. In a future phase, this database will be made available online so other organizations can directly access it when seeking research and evaluation services.

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