Rachele C Espiritu, Ph.D.

Rachele brings substantive experience in the areas of children’s mental health, substance abuse prevention, elimination of disparities in behavioral health, cultural and linguistic competence, public health and program evaluation.  Her expertise extends to strategic planning and implementation, organizational and systems change, culturally competent program evaluation (including outcomes planning and logic model development), and developing and supporting networks. Rachele has worked with a variety of federal, state, and community representatives to build capacity for children’s behavioral health care services and collaborating systems. Rachele, as a previous faculty member at Georgetown University, co-authored a monograph on a public health approach to children’s mental health.

Suganya Sockalingam, Ph.D.

Suganya has extensive experience addressing issues related to cultural and linguistic competence, health inequities and disparities, cross-cultural communication, conflict management and leadership solutions. She has worked with several state health agencies and has consulted with a variety of public health and mental health organizations to address systems change at the national, state, and local level. She has co-developed several curricula to guide systems transformation. Suganya assists agencies develop their leadership capacity to address workforce diversity and inclusivity, and to institutionalize the provision of culturally and linguistically competent services.

Elizabeth Waetzig, J.D.

Elizabeth (Liz) specializes in organizational behavior with an emphasis on collaboration in complex systems. She has been managing conflict as a lawyer, mediator, facilitator, and trainer for over 15 years. She focuses her efforts in the areas of health care, mental health, child welfare, education and other human services. As a previous faculty member at Georgetown University, Liz co-authored a monograph on a public health approach to children’s mental health. Liz brings broad experience in all phases of program design and implementation including: planning with small, large, and diverse stakeholder groups, conflict resolution among individuals and teams, coaching, and training in all levels of interaction from individual negotiation to large group facilitation.

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